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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Children's Center in Poipet

After nearly 18 months of exhausting work the new children’s center in Poipet,
Cambodia was dedicated. The Deputy Prime Minister, Keo Kim Yan, was the one to
officiate the dedication ceremonies along with Governor Oeung Oen, the Governor of
Banteay Meanchey province.
There were over 2,000 guests including members of the National Assembly, Senate,
Military, Police, all provincial officials, business community, and organizations. Since its
inception our desire was to include all government, local business people, international
community and the community in meeting this need. On this day thousands of people
involved came together to celebrate the dedication.
The Deputy PM made a personal donation of 3 million Riel ($750) along with other
donations of bicycles, beds, dishes, and chairs by other officials. The Deputy PM also
called on other officials to use this center as a “Model Center” for the nation.
At the center, apart from general education, we also teach the children English,
computers, agriculture, and music which is all centered around the Word of God and
character based discipleship. We are also hoping to start a crisis pregnancy center and
kindergarten on the site as well in the near future.
Currently we are housing 34 children but we are prepared to take on more children
immediately. The capacity of the center is 100 children. We will soon be taking in
children (approximately 15-20) who were born to female inmates and have no place to
care for the children. These kids, because they have no home, are being held in prison
in the general population. There are still hundreds, if not thousands, of abandoned and
orphaned children in this area as well.
Please continue to pray for us and the new center in Poipet, Cambodia. We still need
further assistance and are offering sponsorship of the children at $35 per month. At
present, we have more than 70 children in Kracheh Province and 34 here in Poipet and
the number will soon grow.

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