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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Friends:)

New Kids

The kids have been back in school for almost a month now and they’re finally starting to get into the swing of things again. 15 new kids have come to live at the Center for the new school year. Most of them are in second and third grade but there are a few older ones as well. Adding 15 kids to a family of 60 is actually a pretty big adjustment. There are a lot of things to get used to at the Center. New classes, new rules, new books and a whole lot of new faces, but the new kids are making friends with the ones that have been there for a while and it is working out well.

Heights Church from Arizona

Heights Church sent a team of ten hardworking men and women to help finish up the new boys dorm. They painted shutters, windows and walls. They moved sand, rock and dirt. They laid cement and cut hardwood boards with nothing but a handsaw and they did it all with a smile on their faces. Gina from southern California also joined in the fun and together they all showed great compassion by serving in a practical way.

In the middle of all their hard work and sweat they found some time to play with the kids and have fun too. Volleyball and soccer are always a big hit for the kids, but the team also brought face-paint, cards, Rubik’s cubes, sparklers, crazy hats, glow sticks and best of all s’mores! It was like a carnival at some points and of course the kids ate up all the attention and fun times. Relationships were started and new friends were made. Of course everyone was very sad to see them go but we’re all hoping they’ll be back again someday soon.